Balamirtham Venkatesan

Venkatesan Balamirtham

Here in Hull the people are very kind and friendly I have experienced no racism. I’ve lived in Hull for five years I originally came from India. I’ve been helped a great deal by Open Doors.

The best thing about Hull is the people it’s like my village. It feels like my home.

I am originally from Tamil Nadu I left because there were problems within my community. I am currently seeking asylum.

Open doors are very close to me. I also come here to the church to pray. I am sad if it’s not open.

Christmas time is my favourite time in Hull because people are very happy especially the children.

I came over from India with my son Subhash Venkantesan he has joined the army and is training to be a soldier he is 18 years old. I am very proud of him.

Sometimes people don’t understand our situation and that makes me sad.


Bala recently attended an appeal in Leeds and is anxiously awaiting the outcome. She is a regular attendee and volunteer at Open Doors.

Photos and interview © Quentin Budworth

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