Vladimer Antoniani


I am from Georgia and have been in the UK for two years. I came over in a Lorry from France. I like Hull people they are friendly and help me to forget stress.

I left because of the political problems. I was working for the government, then the politics changed from National Party No5 to Georgian Dream.

I had to leave immediately there was no way I could go back.

I like Open Doors project because it helps people with food parcels and clothes also taking people to the police station so that they can register each week.

I help every week as a volunteer, I am seeking asylum. I have two boys and a wife. The boys go to school here, they really like life in Hull, there are no problems. We want a new life,

Thanks to the government who help us with NASS payments and housing benefits. I eventually want to work here and support my family.

Photos and interview © Quentin Budworth

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