Anna Grzybowska

Anna Grzybowska-9768

I came to England in 2011. 6 days after moving into Hull I visited Methodist Church and the ‘Open Doors’ project. I can still remind myself the first impression about this fascinating place. I was astonished by the numbers of the volunteers and the unique remarkable atmosphere. I felt deeply touched by the diversity of this community and its generosity in every aspect. Instinctively and without hesitation I joined the project and after short period of time, ended up as a leader of the migrant workers desk. Every Thursday became a “church day” in which I am focusing on the advice given to migrants, mainly from Eastern Europe. From week to week clients became people with name and their own history. Other Volunteers became my friends and my friends also became new volunteers.

Today after two and a half years the migrant workers desk is run mainly by the Volunteers of the Polish Community Centre which was established in 2013 by me and few other people willing to support immigrants. The energy of this place and all those people without shadow of a doubt shaped my personal, social, professional and spiritual development for which I am genuinely tremendously grateful.

Hull is a special place as it is my Home now. My life is created by people and for people. I am very lucky to be surrounded by kindness, friendliness and generosity. I am enjoying my existence in this city, where I found my “place to live” where I work, where my child is growing, where every day is bringing something new….and I love our Humber Bridge and this view is always making me feel so good when I am coming back from every journey.


Photos and interview © Quentin Budworth

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