Wanyu Flora Yennyuy


I arrived in Hull in 2007 where I went to University and got my Masters in Environmental technology. Being in Hull I’ve always fought to get services for BME groups and championed diversity. I’ve worked at Open Doors since 2008 and seen them grow from small beginnings into a really great organisation.

I am so happy that other services are now coming to Open Doors notably the Red Cross, the NHS and the Police. I try to build as many bridges for the community as I can – I work with Preston Road Women centre who help women who run away from or who are in abusive relationships  and also work with other churches throughout the city – it’s like a tree it’s really growing we have great links with St.Bede’s in Bilton Grange, St. Aiden’s on Southcoates Lane and the Jubilee Church who also support the works of Open doors.

I think the greatest thing about Open Doors is the gift it has of welcoming strangers who are lost, vulnerable and desperate for help.

I believe that Open Doors really enhances diversity and inclusion for everyone in Hull.

Domestic violence I something I feel very strongly about, having experienced it personally. BME women are very vulnerable to domestic violence especially if they are isolated and living in a family situation where traditionally women have no voice this is often intensified by the isolation of being a refugee or asylum seeker this something that I am working to remedy through my involvement with the Preston Road Women’s Centre my heartfelt cry is for more women in my community to be aware of this.

Whilst waiting for permission to stay I have not been allowed to work so have developed and worked on my singing I sing with the Total Praise Choir and I also sing for the United Voices Choir. Recently I have recorded a song about refugees with Cecil Jones.

Photo and interview © Quentin Budworth

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