Quentin Budworth


Photo © Rich Duffy-Howard

My name is Quentin Budworth and I am a Lens based artist, musician and writer.

I am interested in putting myself and my work in places where interesting thing can happen.

For me it’s all about storytelling, perception and imagination.

I work with new ideas, people, organisations and places to make interesting things happen.

It’s my aim to help people see and experience the magic that surrounds us in everyday life.

The techniques I have used in this project have been a combination of portraiture and photoshop artistry. I recently invested in a course of study with Sebastian Micheals called Photoshop Artistry Fine Art-Grunge Composition and it has been quite a journey to master the techniques and apply them to a real world project in a purposeful way – I sent Sebastian the link to the portraits featured in this project and this is what he had to say:

‘Those turned out great!  (Excellent site altogether.)  They’ve gotta be really happy with how the portraits look.  Very, very cool.  And what a great cause you’re working to help. Congrats!  Excellent job’.

– S
You can see more of my work here http://quentinbudworth.com